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Tsholotsho Youths who are educationally & developmentally murdered on a daily basis have so much to learn & reflect from the June 16 Uprising of 1976 in Soweto, South Africa. Young people in South Africa mobilized a powerful protest against the apartheid regime’s education policies. The Soweto Uprising became an epic fight that contributed to the end of apartheid. Young people of Tsholotsho need to redirect their focus to personal & socio-economic development of the district, in line with the vision towards a corrupt free Tsholotsho in which the youth themselves assume an active role as agents of change, reconstruction & development. In Tsholotsho there is no equal educational opportunities for all to pursue their dream careers & live better lives, inequalities in accessing educational resources continues to be a challenge. Many cannot proceed to tertiary education because of financial circumstances, & even those who can do not qualify to study degrees that can place them in more technical jobs. These problems undermine the promises of the Constitution & what our elders fought for. The actions of the youth of 1976 must be seen as an example to inspire & empower today‚Äôs youth to stand up & confront the problems they face, & not to wait for government to do things for them, so that they can liberate themselves. I challenge youth of Tsholotsho to grab opportunities brought to them by democracy & freedom & must make use of youth development initiatives such as the Tsholotsho Youth Hub. They must look out for internships, learnerships & scholarship programmes offered by various government departments. These programmes contribute greatly to giving young people skills & to drawing significant numbers of unemployed graduates into the world of work.